2nd Gen Skid Plates
2nd Gen Skid Plates
2nd Gen Skid Plates

2nd Gen Skid Plates




Cracked your skid plate? Get a new one here–they’re quick and easy to replace. Our replaceable skid plates protect the motors and drive train from any obstacles you may ride over.

Boosted skid plates are made from impact-resistant ABS plastic. They are designed symmetrically, meaning you can flip them over to reveal a clean new side.

This service kit includes:

(2) Skid plates
(6) Screws
(1) 3mm allen wrench

Watch: How to replace your skid plates. 
Warning: Please watch the instructional service video completely before changing your skid plate.

In August 2017 we implemented a change in pricing to reflect the increased durability of our skid plates.

Please allow 1 to 3 business days for order processing and shipping.

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